About Me

Hi, I’m Brett Holubeck and I’m an attorney with Cruickshank & Alaniz, a labor and employment law firm in Houston, Texas. I have a great interest in helping businesses run efficiently, ethically, and most importantly, legally—it excites me, challenges me, and gives my work great meaning. As the son of a small business owner, I have seen first-hand what it takes to run a strong business that ensures a safe and productive work place for employer and employee alike.

My past life, and part of what got me here is my B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science (The Ohio State University), my Master of Education (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), and my Juris Doctor (University of Iowa). I love writing, reading, researching and sharing what I know. I was lucky enough to intern at the US Supreme Court where I gave tours of the building and answered questions from the many visitors who came to get a glimpse at our legal system. I was challenged greatly as a Teach for America Corps member where I spent two years in our U.S. public schools and saw firsthand the challenges in the education system. 

But why do I practice law? Aside from the love of the work, it’s the opportunity to show my unruly but adorable children that you can make a difference, use your passions for good, and contribute to society.

Thanks for reading. 

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